Friday, November 25, 2011

Family Pictures

Yesterday I took advantage of dressing up my family for Thanksgiving to snap some family pictures. I started the day out with a brown skirt on, and Dakota had on brown pants so we matched a little better, but before we took pictures Dakota threw up all over both of us. So we changed.
 My friend Paula took the pictures of all of us. I took the one of just Stephen and the kids, and Stephen took the one of the kids and I.
 I also made the mistake of waiting til after we ate to take pictures. If you look closely you can see food on the kids clothes, and maybe a little on their faces.
 I got the idea for this last picture off of Pinterest. I really like how it turned out. He's such a good Daddy. I'll bet my Grandma will ask for a 8X10 glossy. :)
I've got Thanksgiving pictures to post also. I just don't feel like making another post at the moment. So you can wait. :)

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Grandma Rose said...

so when can I expect my 8x10 glossies....or upload so I can order my own!! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving...wish ya'll could have come to Grandpa Bill and Grandma Kathie's..we had a great dinner and visit but missed having all of ya'll there too. Hugs!!