Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Putting My Trust in God

After these past few weeks, I find myself having to run to God and put my trust in him so I don't fall into great amounts of fear. When I get on Facebook, it seems to be full of prayer requests. I stop and fervently pray for each one. I keep seeing God's hand and His Grace come through on each of them. It calms me. To know that he is in control. I have struggled with fear a lot in the past, so now I just have to keep turning to God, taking each thought captive, and put my trust in Him. Because really, what else can we do?
I figured out a way, albeit slow and I can't edit them, to get pictures onto the computer. Here are some cute ones from the past several months.

See that cute boy on the left? He's my nephew. He's going to be a big brother in November. I'm excited.

Dakota, I think this is one of her 2 month pictures

I love this picture of Ben and Paula and Dakota. It was taken either the weekend before or the day before they got engaged. I can't remember now which it was.


Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

It seems that it is often when we walk through such painful trials that our faith in God seems to grow the most. For He is the only One whom we can turn to who can meet the needs of our hearts! I have been praying specifically for you the past several days that the Lord’s peace and strength would be yours as you walk through this dark valley . . . and that through this, even with how very painful it must be, that the Lord would work it for good in your life and in your heart to grow your faith in Him. It sounds like that prayer is being answered. :) Thank you for sharing, Becky, and for your testimony and example of faith and trust in the Lord. It was a blessing to me!

These are beautiful photos! Your children are growing so much . . . and seeing their sweet faces brightened up my day!

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Your children are beautiful! I understand the struggle to take thoughts helps me to rehearse what I know to be true of God. Is Ben your brother? Or Paula a sister?