Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wheat Harvest

 The wheat growing here abouts is just about all harvested. A week or so ago the kids and I went out to watch the neighbor harvest his wheat. I picked up my niece and nephew while walking over to the field.

Tyrel thinks boots are the ONLY thing to wear on your feet.  I have recently made him a very happy boy by making all his western shirts short sleeved. I wouldn't let him wear them every day because it's so hot. Also I would like him to not be pasty white. Thats also why I make him wear shorts when all he wants to wear is Wranglers. And cut offs don't count. Hey, vitamin D is good for you!
 I have no idea... Looks like Tyrel being silly, R telling me Hook Em Horns (Ahem Boomer Sooner to you young lady!) and K and Kimber arguing.
 We got to the edge of the field when he only had about 2 more runs (swipes? rows?) of the field to do.
 The kids all waved to the driver. He seemed amused (from what I could see of him) to have an audience.
Tyrel and R and K spent their time arguing whether it was a tractor or a combine. I told them "Yes". It is a tractor, that is a combine.

As he drove by and the wind blew the chaff over us, my kids and I had a talk about Psalm 1 and the ungodly being like the chaff which the wind drives away.
Then the kids all picked sunflowers for their Mama's.

In other news, my garden is growing better than it ever has before. I think it thrives on a certain amount of neglect. I've tried too much neglect in the past and it didn't do well, and too much water and attention in the past and it didn't do well. Yes I said TOO MUCH water in West Texas. I think I drown the seeds before they could sprout. Last year was too hot and dry for anything I think. About half the corn I planted is growing well. The other half Tyrel's donkey stuck his head through the fence and ate. But all in all God has blessed us so much with this years garden!


Rachel said...

That's fun, riding on one of those big things is neat, and now they are so fancy smancy with all the technology, it's purty crazy stuff.
I know this because we visit D's buddies in the Panhandle when we are up there, and they run those things all over the country.

The kids are getting big, love the pictures!!

~Tammy~ said...

:)Don't forget the Venus pictures!