Friday, June 22, 2012

The Zoo!

My niece has been visiting us for the past almost 3 weeks. I may get around to posting more about her actual visit later, but right now here is the zoo! We met my Mom in Ft. Worth at my Grandma's house, and Mom took Alana back to her mom in Oklahoma.  But while we were in Ft. Worth we went to the zoo.
My brother's Daniel and Sam (Who turned 16 last week) had never been to a zoo!
It was a lot of fun and the kids were very good. I think they really enjoyed it.
I think next time I venture the zoo it will be during the school year though. It was very crowded.
Daniel is helping Kimber see the tortoises.  Really Daniel you look good with your haircut. We took a vote.
The kids got to pet some of the animals.
Dakota really liked riding in the stroller. She must have felt like a big girl. When she got sleepy I carried her in the baby carrier though.
Grandpa and Grandma went with us. It was so nice to get to spend the day with family. I just wish Stephen had been with us.
I really like the picture below. This is Kimber watching the river otters swim.
We were there for several hours. My legs were getting sore... and I'm even getting in fairly decent shape.
It is just so neat to see so many of the animals God created! He is so creative!
So yes, it was a good day.


Anonymous said...

Becky you did a great job on pictures..don't know who that 'ole woman is with Grandpa in a lot of the shots :) I am sure not in shape and my legs are still hurting, not to mention my arms (I think from holding up Kimber to look at the animals) but it was so worth it...Grandpa and I had such a good time with all of you..he is already talking about 'going again' (and I didn't think he would like it)Hope you can come visit again real soon. HUGS

Rachel said...

Fun times!! Love the pictures!!