Friday, January 9, 2009


Today we got together with some local homeschoolers and went roller skating. Stephen and Tommy even joined us! It is always fun to go skating. I remember the first time I saw Stephen skating I was SO surprised how good he was at it.... Honestly I didn't expect him to be so graceful or whatever you would call it. ( I was just as surprised at what a great swimmer he is.)It is fun to watch all the little kids learning to skate, and to see the big kids stop and help them. Tyrel loved skating and was not real happy when I took them off of him and put him back in the stroller to ride. It was very tiring to go around and around bent in half though.

Today is also my newest Sister in Laws 17th birthday! Happy birthday S! We keep teasing her that it is her first birthday, because it is her first birthday with her new S is only 1, J was 16.

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Hi Becky,

I tagged you in a "photo tag" on my blog, check it out for the rules. :)