Saturday, January 31, 2009

An Unexpected Surprise!

I just got a box in the mail from my Grandma's cousin Ruth. It is full of stuff to decorate cakes!

When I stopped at my Grandma's house on the way home from Oklahoma I was watching her decorate a birthday cake for my nephew and mentioned that I would like to learn to do that to earn a little extra money from home. I guess my cake decorator Grandma mentioned it to her cake decorating cousin, who sent me a box of stuff to get started!
Wow, I need to go write a thank you card.

Hmmm, I wonder if it is possible to make pretty cakes with rapidura and whole wheat. LOL. Thanks Ruth and Grandma Rose!


Gramma Rose said...

Hi I am glad your "surprise" arrived so quickly! Actually I planned to send you a cake decorating course book and some stuff from here when Ruth offered to send it from the shop where 'she had plenty of everything' . I will still try to get the book in the mail, but have been in such a 'turmoil' I didn't get a round tuit yet. Yes, be sure she get a nice note...she will love hearing from you. She is always so thoughtful. As for your 'healthy ingredients', you could probably make a pretty good carrot cake...just experiment...but the icing to decorate will almost certainly have to be the NOT healthy variety...most of those are shortening, or butter, tons of sugar, the white not good for ya kind, and flavor. Except for practice you will only be having them on 'special occasions' tho. Love you lots, Gramma Rose

Miss Jocelyn said...

Sounds like a lovely surprise. I hope you can use them for your endeavours!

Miss Jocelyn