Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Farmer Boy

These pictures remind me of the "Been farming long?" picture. The one from like the 90's with two little boys in overalls.
Anyways, the scrapes on his nose came from him falling off the porch swing and breaking the fall with his face. He is a tough hombre, that one.
In other news, we went to pick up a load of cows yesterday. I almost never go with Stephen anymore, but since he was taking James' gooseneck and pickup, we figured there was plenty of room for Tyrel and I to tag along. It's a good thing too.
As they were shutting the gate on the second cut of cows, one turned back on Stephen. From my point of view outside the pens with Ty, I saw someone come flying backwards out of the trailer, trampled over the top of by a cow, with others streaming by. I thought he had been stepped on at least once if not more, but praise God he wasn't. He did end up hurting his knee really badly, so I drove back.
He is off driving the big truck today, although he said once he gets in he is not getting out until they are done for the day, which means extra work for Tommy, but that's all right. LOL.

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