Thursday, February 19, 2009

Setting the stage for the future?

The other day when we were going to bed, I asked Tyrel if he wanted to kiss the baby and got by him where he could kiss my tummy if he wanted to. He looked up and me and grinned, then punched my belly. Fighting with his siblings already. He DID kiss it after that though, and got a lesson in NOT hitting people.
I know he doesn't really understand right now what is going on, with us talking about a baby, and probably won't til the baby is here, but we are still talking to him about it.

Oh and I don't know if anybody noticed the little baby thing on the side (Its gone now, so don't look for it) but just letting you know that if you did and noticed it was gone, it is not because we have lost the baby, I just thought it was creepy and took it off.

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Anonymous said...

Ya, I agree. The little floating alien was a little strange. LOL.
Regina Scott