Monday, April 20, 2009

Not Much

I don't really have anything to talk about and my camera is at my house. I just felt like posting.
We went garage sale-ing on Saturday. I was amazed at how God will provide even our wants as well as needs sometimes. I got several things from my "want for Tyrel" list that I have even almost bought new before, but couldn't bring myself to spend the money.
One of those is a "bike trailer" for pulling Tyrel behind my bike that I don't have yet. (Another want). They are very expensive, those bike trailers. We started out the morning at the garage sale of a homeschooler near us that will be moving to Japan soon. We got a few Little House on the Prairie type movies there, and Tommy got some Star Trek videos. They had a bike trailer like I wanted, but it was way out of my price range. So I didn't even ask on it.
Then we went wandering around town scouting out more garage sales. I soon found a quilt for Tyrel with a cowboy theme to it. It needed a good washing but was in good shape and only $1.00.
The next things I found both at the same garage sale. One was a little rug with roads on it for driving little cars around. It was $2.00. They also had a bike trailer. It didn't have a price on it so I was afraid to ask, thinking they would want way too I sent Sam to ask while I stood guard over it. They wanted $5.00. Sold. The tires are both flat, but hey, for five bucks I can fix that. The last thing was a little toy 4 wheeler like Gavin has, and Tyrel loved playing with when we went up to see my brother's family a few weeks ago. $2.00. This same garage sale had a rocking chair Tyrel's size that I really really wanted to get him. But wanting to stay under 20.00 for the day of spending I didn't get it at 15.00. Too much for a garage sale item anyways. I might pay that much for a bed, but not a little rocking chair.

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