Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Question For Grandma

Hey Grandma, I know you are working at Ruth's right now, so I figured you are really busy and didn't want to call. I assume you have access to a computer though, so here is my question. How do you make fondant? I think I have the stuff to make it, but I don't remember exactly what to do. Not a real big hurry. I am not making the cake til Friday.

PS. Happy Birthday TommyStan.


One of the Cow Crew said...

I asked her for you:

Grease your bowl and beaters with crisco or butter.
Nuke 1 bag of marshamallows and 4 Tablespoons (4 Tablespoons=1/4 cup, I told Gma) of water until the marshamallows are melted.

Remove 1 cup of powdered sugar from a "big bag" (2 lb.) of powdered sugar- set aside the 1 cup and slowly beat the rest of the bag of powdered sugar into the melted marshmallow mixture. If it is not stiff enough, add more powdered sugar.

Ta-da! Fondant Icing

Gma said you can use cornstarch to keep the fondant from sticking to the surfaces as you roll it out.

Goonda Rose said...

Hi Becky...I gave the instructions to your mom in case I didn't get online....but it is melt a bag of marshmallows with 4 tablespoons (which your mom informs me is 1/4 cup) of water in the microwave. Grease a bowl and your beaters and put all except one cup of a bag of powdered sugar( the two pound size) into the bowl..then mix the marshmallow mixture into the sugar until it goes into a 'ball' ...if it is still too soft you can work in some of the extra sugar. If you are covering the cake with it you need to either put icing of some sort on the cake first to 'hold the fondant'...or you can brush a glaze of like apricot jelly onto the cake to hold the fondant on just needs something to adhere to. Any questions call me either on the cell or here at the shop...I am usually here by about 7:30 love you ..hope it works