Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Not Much

Well I took a picture of the finished outside of the bay window. They still have to put the seat in on the inside. It is sooo purty. The door and other window there are where the other garage door was.
My camera needs a new battery, so I can't get very many good pictures before the battery dies. I like this picture, I see this about 5 times a day as Tyrel and I walk over to the big house to visit.And well, thats about all I've got for now.


Jennifer said...

I love the window! If I had one I would sit in it and read allll day! ;)

Julie said...

Wow the window is beautiful now i need a good book to go and sit and read in the window all day long.
Well as soon as they get the seat in that is .
Love Ya,

Sarah said...

The finished window looks so nice, Becky! I am sure that you will love it! :)

Anonymous said...

I have got to send you one of my extra batteries.... I also need more pics of your belly. Me and Chris are going to be in Arkansas in a few days for the court stuff. Keep us in your prayers.