Saturday, October 24, 2009

Better pictures

Mirror image
Uncle Tommy was singing "The Green Barrett" to the tune of the Green Beret's while she was wearing this.
Daddy's Little Girl
Birthday Girls...the day after their birthday
Uncle Bill and Kimber...and part of Aunt Glynna
We are all doing great. Kimber nurses like a champ. Tyrel is a big helper. And it is amazing to see the difference in Stephen between how well he handles a baby than when Tyrel was a newborn. He's broke in now and kinda knows what to do, and that he won't break her. It is really sweet to watch him with her.


Grandma Rose said...

Good pictures...can't wait to see her 'in person' tho. In the meantime give both hugs for me.

Glynna said...

I love the outfit she has on to cute! Nickole got to where that once b/c she grew so fast enjoy and we love you and she is so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Great family picture! But did Tyrel wet his pants? Tic

Becky said...

LOL, yes Tic. I noticed while he was in my lap. It was a cute picture anyways though.