Monday, October 26, 2009

Pretty Girl

I can hardly believe that nearly a week has gone by!
Hmm, some sweet and cute things I want to remember....
Since we didn't know she was going to be a girl, we didn't have any girl clothes. We had some "neutral" clothes from when Tyrel was born, as we didn't know his gender ahead of time either.
Anyways, When Kimber was 2 days old, Stephen had to go to town for work. I asked him to bring me some nursing pads home. When he got here, he had bought her some pink clothes also. I thought that was so sweet of him. He wanted his little girl to look like a girl.
Tyrel is smitten with her. He always wants to hold her, or pat her if someone else is holding her. The first time he saw her nursing, I told him she was eating, and he asked "Tyrel have bite?" Um, no. He has only been weaned for 7 months, but I don't think he really remembers nursing.
The next time I was feeding her, he pulled his shirt up and asked " I feed?" Sorry sweetie, only Mommy's can feed the baby.
Well those are the only things coming to mind. Here are some pictures.


~Tammy~ said...

upload these to shutterfly, LG.
Oh yeah, Julie ratted you out... I saw you sitting in her front room Sunday. That wasn't even ONE week, much less two!

RZ said...

what do you mean you didn't know her gender. I was calling her Kimber for 3 months

Becky said...

Well I ASSUMED. But I could not for 100% sure say it was a girl. I was afraid if I bought girl clothes, God might change the gender just to teach me something. lol.

Grandna Rose said...

you should have listened to great granny haha !! I said "her" and "she" the whold time...never mind the BLUE blankie haha

Jennifer said...

Aw, she's precious!!!!