Monday, May 24, 2010


Our church group went camping together a few weeks ago. We went to a neat campground in the Hill Country. We got to do all kinds of fun things. I really enjoy camping like this even though I don't consider it 'real' camping. Real camping would be more like backpacking to me. Even though I have never got to do that. We do sometimes camp out in the back pasture of the land.
Anyways, back to this camping trip. We went rappelling down an 80 foot cliff. Went down into a hole in the ground cave, and from there the less claustrophobic of the group army crawled through a tunnel to another room in the cave. I waited outside while they did that. lol. 
We went down a huge zipline, but I don't have pictures of that. You'll have to go to my MIL's blog and go back a few posts to see those.
We went kayaking, and swimming and down a huge waterslide into the river.
And other stuff I can't think of at the moment, in addition to all the goofing off, having fun and fellowshipping with friends. It was great.
Tommy playing lifeguard from the kayak.
Tommy standing on the suspension bridge. Some of the girls did some gymnastics on there. They said it was interesting to try that while the ground was moving.
Here is the view of the main part of our camping group from our tent.
Charlie.....Charlie......Charlie, We're on a bridge Charlie.
Tommy climbing into the cave. After most of the other people went in someone asked 3 year old Stella if she wanted to go in. At first she said no, but then they told her that Tommy was down at the bottom and would help her down she decided it would be okay. But when they started lowering her down they had to call Tommy up to the front because she was promised Tommy and she was gonna have Tommy or not go.

In the cave.
Stephen climbing out of the cave.

 Sisters Patty and Joy playing ping pong.
Younger chillin's waiting and watching rappelling.
Zooming in on Stephen while he's rappelling.


RZ said...

nothing about Stephen dropping his boat anchor while rappeling?

Becky said...

Stephen wishes for me to inform you that HIS is NOT a boat anchor and that he takes offense at such an accusation. :)