Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Things We've Been Up To.

One of these days I will get caught up enough on posting to be able to post about one subject at a time, instead of clumping everything together in one incoherent post each time.
Here Stephen is working with Tyrel on pedalling a bike. They had the back tire in a hole, so Ty could pedal, but not go anywhere.
Kimber right after waking up I believe. It is several weeks old. Way too hot to be wearing that sweater right now.
A couple weeks ago we had a play day at church. That is when we all get together for a day of fun at someones house. This time it was at the house we normally have church at anyways! In the picture, Stephen is coming back from playing paintball. I joined in the first round, but pulled a muscle and dropped out.
These next few pictures are of the Cactus Hotel. It is the 3rd Hilton Hotel ever built. As you can see, in it's day it must have been the utmost in luxury. Especially for a cowtown like San Angelo. It is no longer a hotel though. There is a couple restaurants in it now, and various other businesses.
Here I went up the steps to the second floor and took a picture of what used to be the lobby I assume.
I don't know what this room is, I just saw the door open and snapped a quick picture. It makes me want to dance. Like ballroom dancing or something.
Here is a picture of Kimber being cute! :)
My little dude who is never far from that cowboy hat. He runs through the house (or anywhere else for that matter) yelling "I AM A COWBOY" All. the. time. That is Daddy's nickname for him too. Either Cowboy, or Big Guy.
Here Bubba, let me try on that hat.
Kickin' back enjoying the shade on Granola's porch on a warm day.
Here is Uncle Charlie (Stephen's cousin) taking Tyrel and Stephen's two youngest brothers on a walk. They had lots of fun.
And here is Daddy holding Kimber on Granola's porch while we talk to Aunt R. Shhh, I had to be sneaky to get this picture. And now she is gonna git me!

Oh yes, and I will throw in a random Tyrel funny at the bottom.
After the aforementioned paintball game Stephen was showing me his battlewounds. He had several bruises and such. Well, that night I was changing Tyrel who had a diaper rash. As he winced while I cleaned, he told me "That's from paintball". LOL, he thought that any "owie" was from paintball for a little while after that.

Stay tuned for Mother's Day weekend camping pictures soon!

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