Thursday, August 12, 2010


I figured since I cannot upload more pictures right now, I will keep going back and posting some of my old favorites. Some I may have posted before, and some I may have never gotten around to. These are a few of my favorite landscape type pictures. I could have posted many, many more. These are all by me, I would have had an even harder time picking ones had I got into my mother in laws pictures.
Eggs. You know in case you couldn't tell. Guinea eggs no less.
A tree outside of our closest 'town'.
This is a house very near the above tree.
Sunset from somewhere on the frontside of the property.
We stopped to take this one on a foggy day one time, on our way to Menard Cowboy Church. It's been awhile since we've been there.
This is on the side of the road somewhere between Las Vegas, NM and Mora.
Looking southeastish from on our property.
Cows. On our neighbors land.
Also between Las Vegas and Mora.
Near Buffalo Gap.
Our windmill.
Looking across the river from a friend's house.
On the road somewhere between our house and Oklahoma.
Cactus blooming somewhere down the county road.
Sunset at the house.
A winter storm blowing in from the North. This is taken from my in laws side porch.
A pretty church somewhere in Ohio.
Conkles Hollow in Ohio. Those two people at the bottom are my youngest brothers. About 13 in the picture.
We are blessed with some gorgeous sunsets here.
Same sunset as above, only by the pond.
Sunset, looking south from the big house.
Sunrise from in front of our house.
Somewhere down one of the county road around here.
Sunset looking from our front porch.
I think this one is really neat. This is the sunrise. I took this picture from our kitchen window. It is not cloudy out. It was a wind/dirt storm.


Sarah said...

I really enjoyed all of these photos, Becky! My! You have gotten some fantastic shots! Thank you for sharing them. :)

Dayna said...

Those sunset/windmill pictures are awesome!! If you care to, check out my blog...the header photo is the sunrise taken from our front porch.

Cheyenne said...

Oh, my, these are so amazing. I love seeing where other's live. It makes me feel like I'm on vacation.

Thanks for sharing! :)