Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My family

I can't believe I didn't find more pictures of my dad and the twins and Bill. They are just as goofy as the rest of us.
Anywho, these are pictures from ohhh I'd say 2006 and before. The camera is not wanting to speak to the computer again, so I was looking back through older pictures. I noticed all the silly pictures we seem to have, and decided to post some of the older ones. This isn't even all of them I have. Some I didn't post because they make me too sad.
This Stephen, Me , Ben, Tommy, Sam, Daniel, and my cousin Luke. We played with facepaints, then went to walmart. Really.

Tommy is wearing a coonskin hat under Stephen's cowboy hat, and wearing Stephen's glasses.
Me wearing my oldest brothers sunglasses, hat and necklace.
Tommy with a hitler mustache.
Ben, the Christmas Tree.
My oldest brother Chris.
Ben. Looking like Chris.
Captain Tommy.
I don't know. It is Stephen, but I don't know what we were doing. lol.
Ben, me and Tommy with 'deer in the headlights looks'.
Another one of our facepaint pictures.
Tommy the elk.
MMM, Chicken fried steak. I think. It's been awhile.
Guess who?
Groucho Marx....errrr...Ben
I don't know.
Redhots anyone?
Ben, Tommy and I.
All of us. Dad, Mom, Chris, Bill, Becky, Ben, Tommy, Daniel, and Sam.

I hope you enjoyed this.....interesting....... look into the past with my family.


~Tammy~ said...

Those were Hot Tamales, dear.

Becky said...

Yes, I knew they weren't red hots, but I could NOT remember what they were called. I figured that was close enough.