Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cramming the rest of the vacation into one unorganized post

Kimber sure likes Cowgranny's chicken spaghetti!

It was cooold in Arkansas.
 When we left Arkansas, we went to my brother Ben's place, out near where we grew up. The top thing on our list of things to do was go hiking in the Wichita Mountains. When I was about 6 or 7 to about 9 we lived in Medicine Park, Oklahoma, which borders the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. I love that place.
Mount Scott
From almost everywhere I ever lived in Oklahoma, you could see Mount Scott, with its flat top that you can drive to the top of.
The view from on top of Mount Scott.
 We also went to see Bill and his wife and my niece Nickole who live near Ben.
 On my birthday we ate at the Old Plantation in Medicine Park. It was only the second time I have ever had food there, and we used to live about a mile away. Good Stuff.
My birthday!


Wearing Uncle Ben's hat.

 Then we went hiking to the Valley of the Boulders. I didn't get to actually go boulder hopping, as that is not something safe to do with a 1 year old strapped to your back, and with some of the boulders having drop offs that are higher than the roof of my house, onto other boulders, we didn't let Ty go boulder hopping either. But the hike was fun.

Hiking in the Wichita Mountains.

Running to catch up with the big boys

The sunset from atop Mount Scott

Watching prarie dogs.


Sam and Ben.
 So, yeah, then we came on home, and I still have Sam and Daniel here visiting me!


~Tammy~ said...

GREAT pictures!
I really love the one of ben on Mt Scott. And Nickie, and, and and...

Shelby said...

wow! that one of your brother with the sunset is really cool

Cheyenne said...

Your kids are too cute! What beautiful countryside too...

I might have said it before, but I just love Kimber's name. Maybe someday we'll have our own lil Kimber named after yours, running around the prairies of Alberta! :)

Jennifer said...

"I didn't get to actually go boulder hopping, as that is not something safe to do with a 1 year old strapped to your back"
When Connor was 2 and Alana was less than a yr old we would pass them up and down the boulders in their carriers (Connor in a back pack and Alana in a front pack) That way if we fell on our way up or down they would be safe with the other adults. I miss hiking, that's one of my resolutions for this year, to take the kids hiking.

Sarah said...

I very much enjoyed seeing the rest of your vacation photos, Becky! It looks like you had such a wonderful time. I really liked the photo of you and both Tyrel and Kimber while out hiking. What special memories they will have of times spent with you doing things like this! And the photo of Tyrel with the cowboy hat is priceless . . . I love the expression on his face!