Friday, January 14, 2011

Turning 2.

December 29th was my cute little nephew, K's birthday.
 Isn't that cake adorable?!?! A friend (and somehow related, I don't remember exactly how) of my SIL made the cake.
 K got all kinds of cool boy like toys, such as dump trucks, trash trucks, truck trucks, ....and his favorite. A kitchen with all the accessories. This boy LOVES to cook. We made the mistake of letting him open presents before we had cake. He was no longer interested in cake once he saw that kitchen. His reaction to getting it was so sweet.
 But to get the show to go on, we placed his beloved kitchen on the table next to the cake.
He didn't want to blow out the candle, so his Daddy helped him put it out with his spatula. :)
Happy Birthday K! I Love you!


Sarah said...

What a special time you all had together, Becky! Your nephew is adorable. :) Thank you for sharing the photos!

By the way, I posted some music videos up on my blog with you in mind. :) I hope you enjoy!

Crystal said...

I still can't get over his reaction to the kitchen!! :)

Grandma said...

Adorable pictures, as usual...I am so glad you got your camera and putting it to such good use. The cake is really cute..she did a great job I just love what you can do with fondant now....we used to be so limited.