Tuesday, May 31, 2011

6 Years

Stephen checking to see why my brother Ben is back there looking suspicious.

Cake cutting time! My Grandma Rose made the cakes, and Grandma Kathy made my dress!

Stephen doesn't like this picture because he's making a goofy face, but I like it. :)
  So on May 28th Stephen and I celebrated 6 years of marriage. It has been a wonderful, fun, love filled 6 years too! We're pretty much still like newlyweds, in fact I consider 6 years still newly wed... I mean really, 6 years isn't THAT long, it has gone by in a flash. We were but wee babes at a mere 18 and 19 years old. Now here we are 6 years older with 2.4 children and just as in love as ever. I love you Stephen and look forward to the next 6 years and beyond!


Jennifer said...

Congrats!! We celebrate 5 this October.

Taylor said...

Congrats!! :) Love seeing couples still in love and like newly weds after years spent together!

Rachel said...

Congrats!! I love to see young couples happily married!

Sarah said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Stephen, Becky! May the Lord bless you with many, many more wonderful years together. And thank you for sharing the photos from your wedding . . . I enjoyed seeing them!

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Congrats Becky and Stephen!

Becky how do yu get the frame you can label around your photos?

The K. Family said...

Wonderful! It's good to see couples that still feel like newleyweds after six years!