Tuesday, May 10, 2011


We have the first fruits of our labors! After THREE years of trying to grow a garden, and one thing or another killing it. Be it cows, peacocks, chickens, etc... anyways, this year, a few days ago, we got our first food from our garden! Three cherry tomatoes. Stephen and the kids said they were good. (Shh, I don't like tomatoes....I like many things you can make with tomatoes, but I don't like to just eat them plain.) But so far our tomato plants, corn and onions are all coming along fine! I still need to plant okra, green beans, watermelon and cantaloupe. I hope to grow some greens when it cools off in the fall. It gets too hot for them to do well here in the summer.
Lets see what else. Oh yes. A few weeks ago a friend of ours gave Tyrel a 6 months old miniature donkey. An albino miniature donkey no less. He was rather stand offish at first, but in the past few days he has warmed up to us. You can often find Tyrel hanging off his back out in the yard. Yesterday Tyrel asked if he could ride Ice (he named him himself!) I told him that he might get bucked off and he was okay with that. I set him on Ice's back and Ice just stood there for about 2 minutes. I went to get a handful of feed and he started to follow. He took one step, went hop hop, and Tyrel went splat! He got the wind knocked out of him, but he was fine. He cried a little, but mostly he was proud of being 'bucked off' and that he is a REAL cowboy now because of it. :)

Kimber has been going to the potty a few times a day. I am not even really potty training yet, but if she's interested then hey, go for it! She has also started saying quite a few words. DADDY being her favorite. She will sometimes say Mama. She says apple, happy, please, hi, bye, donkey, cow, goat, up. water bottle, chickies, drink and NO. Most things she says, she says with great enthusiasm. NO! DONKEY! APPLE! BYE! Oh and she calls the swing in our tree a "wheee" because that's what you say when you swing right?


I have been feeling a lot better most days. I still get kinda sickish or tired some days, but mostly a lot better. My first prenatal appt. is on the 21st. I accidentally said I was at the beginning of my third trimester in my last post. I meant the beginning of the second! I am due early Novemberish.

Tyrel's picture of Kimber and I.


~Tammy~ said...

Yay! Pictures! And Tyrel IS a real cowboy.

Sarah said...

I loved the update and all of the photos, Becky! It always brightens my day to see Tyrel and Kimber's sweet and smiling faces. And you always share such fun things about them, too! Such as Tyrel's new pet of the miniature donkey. It looks like he likes him quite a bit. :)

Congratulations on harvesting from your garden! Isn't that first harvest exciting?! I hope that you are able to harvest a great deal more from your garden this year and that the 'critters' leave it alone.

I love the last photo of you and Kimber! You have such a sweet and happy coutenance.