Tuesday, March 25, 2008

25 before 25

I have been making a list of 25 things I would like to do before I turn 25. That gives me 3 more years. There are lots of things other than these that I would like to do, but these are ones that I feel I may accomplish by then. So, for your reading pleasure, Becky's 25 before 25 list... (in no paticular order)

1) Learn to quilt
2) Be a good housekeeper
3) Learn to play the guitar (one of many instruments I want to learn)
4) Grow my own garden
5) Can things from my garden
6) Learn to "tan hides" (no not spank Ty..."I'll tan yer hide boy!")
7) Get good at sewing
8) Get my CHL
9) Quit being lazy
10) If I can't say something nice....don't say it.
11) Get Trevor his antlers
12) Learn to bow hunt
13) Run a trap line all winter
14) Learn to cook healthy and GOOD food (like Julie)
15) Go fly fishing in the mountains (learn to fly fish also. haha)
16) Learn decent photography
17) Send the book I wrote in 6th grade to a publisher
18) Learn carpentry (and make Stephen and I a bedframe)
19) Learn to do a backbend/walkover
20) Learn to crochet or knit, maybe both
21) Finish the crosstitch thing I started almost 3 years ago
22) Go to Alaska again...with Stephen and Ty (and other chillin's we may have by then)
23) Move into a "real" house. (I am very thankful for what we have now, but hopefully by the time I am 25, we won't be here anymore)

Well I can't think of 24 and 25 right now, so 23 is good enough.

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