Sunday, March 23, 2008

Being a Help Meet

I have a few different responsibilities than some women do. I go to work with Stephen pretty often. He is a self employed* truck driver, so it's pretty cool.
Anymore I am not as much of a help as I once was. He won't let me climb up the side of the trailer with Tyrel in the baby carrier (I can't imagine why not), so any help I give is from the ground.
Well yesterday he needed to wash out his trailer (a livestock trailer). It is not his favorite job. He has to crawl through sheep and goat "stuff" with a high pressure water hose, washing it all out.
While he does this I usually clean up the front of the truck.
Anywho, yesterday I asked if I could help him clean out the trailer. He said if I really wanted to, I could start and when I got tired of it, or when Tyrel got hungry, we would trade out. So I tanked Ty up, changed clothes and got started.
2 1/2 hours later I was done.
So Stephen got a break and I had fun. Once you get over the initial grossness, which isn't hard, it really is pretty fun.
Oh yeah, when I was almost done, Stephen realised that he had never turned on the pressure pump. So I had washed it all out at about half pressure! Oh well.

*He is actually a partner with his brother in a business, but he is the driver, and his brother does the "office" stuff.


buckynay17 said...

HA I am first.

Love you


Julie said...
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Julie said...

Cool, now I can see my boyfriend:) even if you are gone.

The Mom said...

Hi LG!
Your opening photo is great... that could be 'professional', IMO... but I recognise the truck so I know it isn't. You probably didn't even stage it either. Cool!
So anyway, happy blogging.

Julie said...

man I bet that was sooooo much fun.

De'Etta said...

Becky - I don't know you but I think putting two and two together that I'm eating one of your cows. LOL

I also love the photo at the top of your blog.

buckynay17 said...

Ha mom, you are wrong, I did stage it like that on purpose! I took that picture over a year ago, and thought it looked so pretty with the old truck and log behind the flower

Tommy said...
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Tommy said...

Hey I've done that job.Same truck ,diffrent trailer. Great fun.
Well better than loading/unloading.