Monday, May 18, 2009

A Big Boy Bed!

Ever since Tyrel was born, he has slept with us. For a couple of reasons, but mostly for convenience. I didn't have to get up to nurse him in the night that way, I just fed him and we both got more sleep. Someone had given us a crib, but it never got used. Not once. So we passed the frame of it on some time back. We kept the mattress in hopes of making him a toddler bed.
When I weaned Ty at about 18 months old, we started putting him on the mattress on the floor next to our bed at nap times and when we went to bed, but he still gets in bed with us in the middle of the night. Several months ago when I was babysitting and had some extra money, I bought some cedar posts so Stephen could make Tyrel a nice log toddler bed.
We peeled the posts, sanded them, and then they sat there. For months. Just getting rained on and not being made into a bed.
It seemed like anytime we would have time to work on it, something else would come up, and it would get pushed back.
Well finally, after not even much nagging (which was hard, I REALLY wanted it made) this weekend Stephen, Tommy, and to a lesser extent, me, built Tyrel's bed. I think the guys did a GREAT job. Tyrel just loves it. Now that he has a real bed, I am going to start making him stay in his own bed at night. I would like him to sleep in it all night well before the baby is born, because a 2 year old a newborn and 2 adults would make for a very crowded queen sized bed.
The finished bed. Nearly everything on it has been made by family. Stephen made the bed, My Aunt Lennie made the quilt for Tyrel, and the blanket his horse is laying on, and if I am not mistaken the pillowcase was either made or at least embroidered by someone in Stephen's family a long time ago.

First time sleeping on his big boy bed.

"Tyrel's room"
Which is in our room.
And just because, a picture of Tyrel and cousin Kyle. And James (Stephen's brother, Kyle's Dad)


De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

I love the bed, Becky. Great job.

Sarah said...

Okay- here I am again... commenting on your blog. You don't know me, and I hope I don't creep you out that I like to read your blog...
Anyway; I LOVE THE BED! :) You really are such an inspiration to me. I have no talent to do something like that, neither does my husband (yet I totally love him anyway!)... and you dreamed it, and though it waited awhile, you went and did it! Awesome! Keep up the wonderful work!