Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Samuel and Daniel, and other stuff.

Here are some more pictures of Sam and Dan's visit, and the pictures I took for Mom of them.
Tyrel and GeorgeTy trying on Daddy's shortsGoing to the Tea PartyMMM, Soft pretzels. We did garlic ones and cinnamon ones.Grumpa (my dad) and TyrelTyrel helping T smileDanielTwins

Tommy's cake...it didn't turn out well. Most of my fondant shapes died bef0re I got them on the cake. So I just put Texas and drew Oklahoma over it.

Tommy and Stella



One of the Cow Crew said...

Oh Boy! Thanks LG!

Sarah said...

Those are good photos, Becky! I especially liked the one that was captioned "Tyrel helping T smile" :) That was cute!