Monday, October 18, 2010

Caption Anyone?

Life isn't all smiles and sunshine. Especially when you're a 3 year old that doesn't get his way for whining.


Countrymama said...

Don't feel bad...mine does the same thing. He jumps up and down and whines..then finds himself in time out and pouts.

I'd call it "It's no fun being three"

Grandma Rose said...

My caption would read "The picture says it all!!! "

I enjoy ALL of the pictures...keep 'em coming!

Sarah said...

Priceless photo, Becky! Just wait until Tyrel is grown, and he looks back and sees this. :) What a memorable moment captured!

Cheyenne said...

Poor guy!

I think I would title it 'Grain Prices are Low.'

I'm having fun looking through your blog!