Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hanging Out With Daddy

Sunday I was  not feeling well, and didn't want to spread germs, so we stayed home from church. Part of the day I did feel well enough to go out with Stephen to get some target practice in.
                         Gotta love grubby faces and hands on little boys.

Apparently Tyrel likes long distance shooting. Stephen asked him to hold the tape measure and he started reeling out many feet of tape.
Kimber says "I'll wait over here out of the way, where it's not too loud..........just don't watch how far I go."

                                              Mr. Tough Guy.
           Look! A cute little monkey in the mesquite tree. (having not grown up here, I like to tease Stephen by not calling mesquite's 'trees'. Tree's are taller than that, but alas, I have gotten to where I do call them trees more often than not. What's funny is, the scrub oaks I grew  up with are not a whole lot bigger.)
                  It's so nice to have a willing gate opener.

Fun things to do with a dog..................
drag walk them on a leash.
Hug them.
Use them for a chair.
Since I don't know if I'll get around to posting about it, go check out this post over at my MIL's blog.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE that picture you have up of them with the pumpkins!!!!
So adorable!!!
Regina Scott

~ McKenzie Elizabeth~ said...

Sweet post! Your little ones are too cute.

Thank you so much for commenting today! I love hearing from those who read Pecan Pastures:)

Blessing to you Mrs. Becky!


Grandma Rose said...

Grandma says: .... Becky you are really taking some great pictures..especially of my adorable great grandies....keep 'em coming....the pictures too haha

Sarah said...

Looks like fun times! The photos of Tyrel and Kimber are precious. :)