Friday, October 8, 2010


I am getting to play (very carefully) with a friends camera! I will be taking pictures of her daughters wedding at the end of this month. Since I likely won't have my camera by then, she is letting me use her camera.

 Tyrel running and playing with Katie, our new pup. She is out of Stephen's old hunting dog Freckles, that died while birthing the pups. She is kinda rough and likes to bite, but Ty has fun with her.
                                                                      Hamming it up.

 My two monkeys. Tyrel likes to climb on top of this, and Kimber tries to get up there with him. The way she climbs it won't be long til she's up there with him.

You can't really tell here, but she is walking. She walks more and more and crawls less and less every day.

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KK said...

so you gotta send me a note and tell me what you think of the camera! Glad you are having fun with it!