Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy 13th Birthday MN!

Yesterday was my sister in law's 13th birthday. We had a 'joke' party for her, that started as a joke and ended up actually  happening. She doesn't really like pink and we kept joking that we were going to have a pink birthday party for her this year. So a friend made her a pink Barbie cake, we decorated in pink, and gave pink presents. We have real presents we will give her at her real party we have for family on Sunday.
 After the party I was going riding at a friends house where we keep our horses, and since she LOVES horses I thought she might want to do something she actually liked on her birthday, ride horses. I did have to make it slightly less pleasant by taking pictures of her, but I like how they turned out, so she can get over that. :)

Tyrel and Kerrie running down to see the ducks, while we waited for our victim MN to show up.
We dressed in pink for the celebration.
Here is the Barbie cake waiting for her to arrive. The girls suggested we light the hair rather than the candles. We didn't.

There she is probably getting onto her friend Kerrie for doing this to her.

This was the look we got about most of the presents. "Pink furry slippers?!?!"
"At least this one has horses on it."

I'll get the pictures I took of her while we were at the Z's posted soon!

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