Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Stephen!

Well I'm back.
I went to Arkansas this past week to visit my family. We had lots of fun. We went blueberry picking at a friends house, blackberry picking around my parents house, went to a museum, and set off fireworks (not at the museum) . Stephen surprised me by showing up one morning while I was there, and hadn't told me he was coming. Having him there always makes visits better.

On the way back home we stopped in Ft. Worth to see my grandparents and my brother and his family..Actually I saw BOTH my older brothers, as Bill was down visiting with Chris. It was fun. I love my family. I wish we could stay longer when we go.
The day we left we went with Bill and Glynna to see Granny. It is so hard to see her, she isn't really Granny anymore. Just sitting there staring and mumbling. I miss my Granny.

Daniel and Sam came back with us. (Zesch's, they want to surprise Joshua on Sunday if you don't tell him they are here) They can hardly wait til Sunday to see the friends they made last summer when they came to visit.
Mostly we have just been swimming for fun since they've been here.
We did take them out shooting yesterday and they even got to shoot Stephen's .45 a few times. You should have seen the smiles they had after shooting it!

Sam went to work with Stephen on Monday and Daniel stayed with me. I think that is the first time I have ever spent that much time with just ONE of the twins. I got to know Daniel, not just "the twins". Daniel will be going with Stephen today, so I will get to hang out with Sam.

Today is Stephen's 22nd anniversary of his birth. Happy Birthday Sweetie! I Love you! I think if I can borrow a vehicle today I will go and get the stuff to make him a cheesecake. droooool.

Tyrel has started taking steps. His record so far is 5 in a row. Mostly he takes 3 steps, then falls and crawls and tries again. He will probably be walking by his birthday.

Well I do believe I have run out of things to talk about. Sorry, no pictures for this post, I need to take some.


Julie said...

We told Joshua that Dan and Sam were coming back with you, so he might nit know that you are back yet.
I can't wait to see tyrel walking, by the time i come back he will be running around.

Julie said...

How long will Sam and Dan be here? Sorry the secret is out, I read your blog.

Becky said...

Well, I see that now. I am not sure yet how long they will be here, I need to ask mom and dad.

Julie said...

Okay Becky,
New post already. I'm waiting.....
WITH PICTURES or I will have my family bombarde your blog with comments LOL

~Tammy~ said...

Yeah Becky... new post already!