Saturday, July 26, 2008

Party Pictures

Clean and Ready
Here Comes The Cake
Peeking at the Candle
He Put it out like Uncle Tommy...Pinch
Cake Makes Everything Better
Hey this is pretty good

Messy BoyClean Up TimeReady to open presentsOh boy, a Lariat Ropeand spurslots of cute clothes and a card from James and Crystal
He also got a card with monies from GG Rose, and something else on the way from Grumpa and CowGranny. Thanks Everybody!


Julie said...

AWWW, looks like he had a lot of fun. We have not had any one pinch the candle out as of yet, but I bet that hurt. Tell Tyrel Happy Birthday for me, see you Sunday.

faerieeva said...

Those pictures are so cute. What a handsome little boy you have. I love the cake pictures, especially the ones with lots of it on Tyrel. *G*
I am doing the first birthday thing in less than two months. It does not seem possible that my little baby is going to be a year old.