Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Price of Being Cheap

A few months back, I bought an iron. Just in the last week I finally got me an ironing board. I was ironing one of Stephen's shirts today and after about 3 minutes, I noticed that it wasn't getting wrinkles out anymore. So I felt of it....It was cold. So I set it down and messed with it, and it still didn't warm back up. So I unplugged it and left it alone for awhile.
While Tyrel was napping, I decided to try again. The same thing warmed up initially, but not after that.
It is the cheapest iron from I am not sure if it is just junk, or if I am doing something wrong.
I remember about a month ago I threw away the box and instructions while thinking " I know how to use an iron, I don't need these."
Guess I was wrong.
So mom, am I having a Becky Moment...or do I have a piece of junk?


~Tammy~ said...

Check the dial for various settings, and set it (if it has one) to your fabric type. Otherwise, you may need a new iron.

~Tammy~ said...

By the by, it is almost impossible to read the blog in its present colors. The dark letters and dark background don't have enough contrast. Fix that so your mom can read it more easily... please and thank you

Becky said...

Sorry, I could read it easily, so I didn't know....and I had it set to the "cotton" setting. So I guess I need a new iron. Thanks.

Becky said...

How is it with the yellow letters?

grandma rose said...

I have a brand new iron if you want me to mail it to you. Love Grandma PS DON"T forget to give lil Ty his birthday hugs from me!! Wish I was there to make his cake.

Becky said...

That would be groovy Grandma.

I wish you were here to make Tyrel's cake too.
Or like Ben and Tommy said when they were little."Is grandma coming and bringing the birthday?"
Since they thought cakes were called birthdays.

Anonymous said...

I thought I needed a new iron too. But I have the bad habit of yanking the cord out of the wall from afar, instead of bending over and actually removing it by the plug. This made a short in the wire. Whenever the cord moved, my iron would shut off. My hubby put a new plug on the end, first removing the frayed wires. Saved the price of a new iron. Anyway, enjoyed the pictures of your son's birthday!