Tuesday, December 9, 2008

16 and a half months

Helping with dishes at Granola's
I know, I never posted about Ty turning 16 months. I don't even know what all has changed in the last month and a half.

He has become very daring for one thing. He climbs anything and like to jump from things onto others. Like from the coffee table to the couch, or my hope chest to the bed. He tries to climb fences and bookshelves, and can climb up the side of this high chair to get in it for meals. It sits at the table without a tray like a regular chair.

Checking stock in the trailer

He likes to prop his feet up on the table if nobody is looking. It greatly amuses me, but I try not to let him see that as I tell him to get his feet down. He likes to give us "kissadillas". One day at lunch I asked him if he wanted a quesadilla, and he leaned over and gave me a kiss as if I had asked for one, and so now we call kisses kissadillas...for you yankees, that is pronounced "kiss uh dee uh". Helping Mama soak her feet after she stepped on a nail the other day

Yesterday while out playing with Daddy and Mama he grabbed a cactus. His poor little hand was covered in cactus needles. We had to hold him down and hold his hand open under a bright light to get all of them out. He was a trooper. such a tough hombre...granted he did cry plenty, but you would have too. eating an apple on the way to town

He also loves to dance. Any time I turn on music he starts dancing. Little steps in one place, or big steps across the room count as dancing. So does shaking his head or leaning back and forth or side to side really fast. I wish I looked that good dancing so bad. lol.

The other day while I was babysitting, the little girl I watch was taking her food off her plate and setting it on the table. We don't let Ty do that so I told her to put it on her plate. She just looked at me because she didn't understand what I wanted her to do, so Tyrel leaned over and picked it up and put it on her plate for her, it was WAY too cute. Then she blew him a kiss and he returned it. Goofy kiddos.

eating pizza in town


Julie said...

How cute you ate Pizza at Pizza Hut right?

Becky said...

Um, sure...yeah..no. I was Cici's. Cheaper...and Stephen doesn't like pizza hut as much.

Becky said...

it was...not I was