Monday, December 22, 2008

Pictures again

As you can see in one of the pictures I cut my bangs today on the spur of the moment. I called my husband to see if it was okay with him. He asked if I would rather wait and have someone cut them for me, to ensure that they looked good. I told him that if it was all the same to him I would just as soon try it myself. I have cut my own bangs on two other occasions in my life. Once it looked good, once not as good. He said that was okay with him, he doesn't mind bangs as long as the rest of my hair stays long. So I snipped snipped them off. Tyrel was watching and slowly backed away from me as if he didn't recognise me. It may not have been a good idea to let him see me cut my own hair, as it may let him think such things are okay for HIM to do.
Anyways, after I trimmed them I called my husband back in mock despair asking him to please not be mad...My hand just sort of....slipped. He was busy talking to someone so didn't even notice what I said really, so it wasn't very funny. When he asked what I said I just told him I was trying to tease him and that my bangs turned out fine.
I really like this first picture of Tyrel. Waaaay too cute. Also I thought it was funny last night (in the bottom pictures) when he climbed into T's lap to share her tea with her.

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Anonymous said...

Cute pictures of Ty, but need one showing your new bangs.
Sorry we will miss you on Christmas. We will catch you next time.
Hugs, Aunt Dusty