Monday, December 15, 2008

Tommy's First Deer.

Well I gave him time to post about it and he didn't yet. So I will.
Saturday Tommy got his first deer. A 4 point buck. 3 on one side and a spike on the other. Tommy and I had gone out early that morning and set up on a fence line between two fields that we can hunt in. I was on one side and he was on the other. We sat there in silence...more or less...waiting for legal shooting light. The wind was blowing so hard out of the south I think we could have been screaming to each other and the deer wouldn't have heard us, and of course they couldn't smell us as we were to the north of where we hoped they would come from. After a while Tommy moved from the brush to lay at the edge of the field. About a minute or less later he shot. The little buck had been walking towards him, and if he waited much longer it would have walked right over him. I was MAYBE 30 yards away when he shot. He dropped it with one shot through the neck with his 243. Praise the Lord. We had prayed before we headed out that if we got anything it would be a quick clean kill and it was.
Way to go Tommy. You beat me to it. Maybe I'll get one soon though. Between Tommy and Stephen that is 6 deer for us so far this season.
And just because, some pictures of Tyrel.


Laurie said...

Way to go, Tommy!

Laurie said...

Happy Birthday, Becky....on your birthday!