Tuesday, December 16, 2008

23...On My Birthday

Well, today I am 23. On my birthday.
Wow, time sure does go by fast. On my birthday.
I got a sewing maching from my parents on my birthday...well I got it a few weeks ago on my birthday. No my birthday wasn't a few weeks ago on my birthday. It is today on my birthday. On my 16th or so birthday I started an annoying habit of saying on my birthday after every sentence on my birthday.
I sure don't want any of ya'll to miss out on the fun of that on my birthday.
I got a flashdrive from my in laws on my birthday, so I can put all my pictures on it on my birthday in case something happens to the computer on my birthday. I got a card from my Grandma Arlene on my birthday. Well yesterday on my birthday. I also got a card from my husband's aunt and uncle (Thanks Tic and Dusty! on my birthday)
I got a new guitar string and a tuner from my husband on my birthday...now maybe I'll actually learn to play it on my birthday.
I also got a funny game from my brother Tommy on my birthday. It is called "Would you rather...?"..on my birthday. We haven't got to play it yet but I will post some of the funny questions on my birthday.
Would you rather.....
"As a man, have your grandmother's first name...or her haircut?"
"Eat a small can of catfood....or eat 7 whole lemons (seeds pulp, juice and rind)?"
"Have to give up any chance to ever earn more than $4 per hour, in exchange for a 50/50 chance on winning $100 million tomorrow...or pass on the gamble and continue with your 9 to 5 job?"
"Always have to wear wet socks....or wet underwear?"
On my birthday.


Crystal said...

Happy Birthday Becky!!! Your card is on the way...got it in the mail late...sorry about that! Hope you have a great day!!! On your birthday!!!

Becky said...

Thank You Crystal on my birthday. Ya'll should come over and play my new game on my birthday...or any other day on my birthday.

Julie said...

Happy Birthday Becky on your birthday