Monday, December 22, 2008

24 before 25

Well now that I have turned 23 and am that much closer to being 25 I reckon I ought to update my 25 before 25 list. I now have 24 things on my list instead of just 23. Just need to think of one more thing I would really like to learn before I turn 25.
1) Learn to quilt
2) Be a good housekeeper Doing much better at this actually
3) Learn to play the guitar (one of many instruments I want to learn) Now that I have a tuner I hope to really take off on this. I have been practicing every day.
4) Grow my own garden Hopefully this spring
5) Can things from my garden
6) Learn to "tan hides" (no not spank Ty..."I'll tan yer hide boy!") see yesterday's post
7) Get good at sewing I am working on a new jumper
8) Get my CHL Taken the class, but still need to send all the stuff off.
9) Quit being lazy doing fairly well most days
10) If I can't say something nice....don't say it. I do believe I am doing much better at this as well.
11) Get Trevor his antlers Hopefully before the season is over
12) Learn to bow hunt
13) Run a trap line all winter Will be starting soon
14) Learn to cook healthy and GOOD food (like Julie) Doing better at this as complaints from husband or brother anyway.
15) Go fly fishing in the mountains (learn to fly fish also. haha)
16) Learn decent photography I work on this one all the time. I have been reading up on it and found out all kinds of new tricks
17) Send the book I wrote in 6th grade to a publisher
18) Learn carpentry (and make Stephen and I a bedframe) We are working on making one for Tyrel right now.
19) Learn to do a backbend/walkover
20) Learn to crochet or knit, maybe both does the Knifty Knitter count?
21) Finish the crosstitch thing I started almost 3 years ago
22) Go to Alaska again...with Stephen and Ty (and other chillin's we may have by then)
23) Move into a "real" house with our own property. (I am very thankful for what we have now, but hopefully by the time I am 25, we won't be here anymore)
24) Learn to clog...a kind of dance I will be going to watch a class on January 5th, and hopefully can join a class soon. Yay!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Becky, you can do all those things (25) and more! BTW, you chose to highlight certain phrases in your blog and they are really easy to read. We will be out to the ranch on Christmas or theday after. Heard we would miss y'all.
We will leaveasmall gift for Tyrel and seeya next time! Unc Tic