Monday, May 19, 2008


Have you ever had a dream more than once...or maybe not the same dream, but almost...or in the same place but something else was happening, and you've never been to this place in real life?
I have a few same theme dreams.
Over the course of about 5 years, I have had about 5 dreams about "tornado season". In those dreams there are tornados everywhere you look, popping up all over the place. Some big, some small, and you can't get away from them. In one dream we were in the house I grew up in, in another it was here, at Doug and Nola's. In another I was between places with nowhere to go.

I have also had dreams where cows are trying to eat me. In one, it was "Grandma", one of Nola's longhorns. She had me stuck up in a tree, and I couldn't get down...Stephen was with me, but she wasn't bothering him, but she was trying to kill me.
In others it was a buffalo. In one I had when I was about 15 there was a "spirit" that kept trying to push me off of some playground equipment to a buffalo that wanted to eat me...I know bovines don't eat people, but in my dreams they do. In another, I was out in a pen with "baby" buffalo, they looked just like full size ones, only they were about knee tall. They were biting little chunks out of my legs while I ran.

I run from things alot in my dreams, a lot it is my oldest brother, once it was my grandma, and she was trying to stab me...but I always run in slow motion in my dreams, I can't run fast, no matter how hard I try. The people chasing me can though. It is just really weird.

Since I have had Tryel, I have had about 6 dreams about twins. The latest being about 3 days ago. I hope it means I will have twins....but we just found out today that I am gonna be an aunt again, my BIL's wife is pregnant, I'm so excited. But now I wonder if the twin dreams were for her..that would be cool, but I want twins too.

Congrats James and Crystal.


~Tammy~ said...

Yes to the tornado dreams- I have those a lot. No to being nibbled on by buffalo and cows.
And I thought my grandson was named TYrel, not TRYel.

Tommy said...

I'm convinced your twins are going to be girls. :)

Oh,and congrats James and Crystal.

Julie said...

If they are girls I want to help???

P.S. I promise that I wont forget Tyrel if you have twin girls