Saturday, May 17, 2008


I don't really have anything to write about in particular, so you get to hear me read about my rambles.

Today we went to the flea market. It was fun. I bought 4 new skirts, they were a dollar each, but one doesn't fit. Stephen didn't get to go because he had to work *sad face*.

I would tell about all the new things Tyrel is learning to do, but then I wouldn't have anything to write about for his 10 month post. So here is a picture of him that I took today to compensate.

Okay so that was 2 pictures.

If gas wasn't so high I would either go visit family or get them to come visit me because it has been over a month since my Mom has got to see Tyrel. Hims gotten SO big since then.

My house still isn't clean.

Oh yeah, in exciting (to me) news, we are gonna be having church at my MIL's house tomorrow. I love company. I certainly don't get that from my daddy. I can hardly wait.

Well that was rambly and not coherent.



Tommy said...

Fine, pictires will do....For now.

oh and your house won't get clean without someone cleaning it.

Becky said...

Really? Man. I was hoping the magic cleaning pixies would show up to clean it for me.

Becky said...

Oh and what is a pictire?

Tommy said...

Well it was pictures until you came along.Becky.You just had to change it.

Tommy said...

And I told you that the magic cleaning pixies don't exist, even though one morning your kitchen was clean, after you going to bed with it a wreck.

Becky said...

I know, magic cleaning pixies often appear while you are visiting

Julie said...

Man, Ty has changed a lot already since we were at the lake, he is becoming a big boy.

Anonymous said...

Oh shoot. I missed church at Nola's???
Regina S.