Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Yes I know it is the day before Mother's Day, but I feel like posting now, and I know from experience that if I don't post on inspiration, I won't post about it later.

Mother's Day. A time to thank your Mom for all she does for you. To let her know you appreciate all her work and the time she spends making life better for you.

I have two moms now. My mommy, and my mother in law.

To Mommy:
Thank you for homeschooling me. I know it can't be easy to do things "different". Thank you for thinking we were worth the extra work, so that we could be farther from the influences of the world. Thank you for being a "mean mom" and not letting us get away with things just because it's harder to say "no" than just let us do our own thing. Thank you for being patient as I tried to squirm out of my chair whining, because The Cat in the Hat was the longest book in the world. Thank you for taking the extra time to teach us to cook, instead of chasing us out of the kitchen so you could work. Thank you for having lots of kids so I could learn about mothering from you.
Thank you for being here as I became a mother for the first time last July. Thanks for everything that I have failed to mention...which is a ton of stuff. I love you Mom.

To Nola:
Well you have only been my "mom" for a short time...well relatively. I have learned so much from you in that short amount of time though. I have learned that your kids don't have to come from your own womb to love them. I have learned that a house doesn't have to be spotless to feel like a home. I have learned that I want a kazillion animals, including milk cows. I think you have done a great job in raising your sons, and now in these "new" three. They have come such a long long ways from when they first came here. But thank you very much for being a great mother in law, and for raising such a wonderful son for me, and dong all the above mentioned things that my mom did, for him.

Okay, I'm done being all mushy and junk.
Thanks Moms.