Wednesday, August 27, 2008

13 Months

Tyrel is 13 months young now. He learns new things every day.

He loves to climb on things. Thankfully he hasn't learned to climb high yet. Footstools and boxes are good enough......for now.

He has a small vocabulary, but it grows all the time.

He says "Mama, Uh Oh, Ow, and Moo's" a lot. He moo's at cows, goats, chickens, dogs, Mama...anything.

He like to bang his head on the floor, then looks at me and says "Ow". Goofy boy.

He is such a "crackter". (Character)

I have finally started using cloth diapers full time....unless we will be gone from home over night, then we get some store ones to use. Nothing fancy, just prefold diapers, and diaper pins, and rubber pants.

I try to put him on the potty if he hasn't gone in a while, so he will get used to going on the potty.

The other day, after all night, he was dry, so I rushed him to the potty, set him on it and waited....nothing, so I set him down and went to get his diaper to put on him...and he promptly began to pee on the rug in the bathroom. Little stink bug.

I love how he is so happy to see me and rushes in if I have been out of the room for a few minutes. It makes me feel loved.

He loves playing in the little red car at his Granola's house, he climbs right over the door into it. He likes to prop his feet on the steering wheel and just sit there.

His little feet just pitter patter all over the sweet. He is always on the go, rarely with a moment to snuggle anymore, so I cherish his nursing times...which seem to be slowly dwindling down, mostly just at nap and bed times.

He kisses my chin a lot too, but if I am not careful it turns into a bite.

He likes to help daddy with lots of things too. He follows him around getting into things when he is home. He also enjoys helping with chores, he will come sweep my pile of dirt I've swept up, back all over the floor.

Ty, and his friend Stella.

So anywho, that is what my little man is doing by now.


Kyla said...

awwww he has gotten so big!!! They are not supposed to do that lol

Anonymous said...

That close up of Ty and Stephen in the middle of the post is just a GORGEOUS picture of Ty.
Regina S.