Sunday, August 17, 2008

Starting a Tradition

I read an article in a magazine a long time ago, where a lady dressed her baby girl in a swimsuit every birthday and took her picture until it fit her. I liked the idea, other than it being a swimsuit. For my baby boy I decided to use his daddy's cowboy boots. Not his work ones, but his nicer pair that might last til Tyrel is grown. So here are my pictures of Ty with his Daddy's boots, at one year old...Maybe next year he can WEAR them. lol. So let me know which one you like best, I will get a print of it, and frame it til next year when we do this again. I never did get one of him actually LOOKING. Oh well, they are cute anyways.


~Tammy~ said...

I like the first and second pictures best. If I have to pick just one- I like the first one.

So cute!

Kyla said...

I like the first...the second one isn't too shabby either.... but the first in my opinion is the best