Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Yay Me!

I finally got around to sewing the apron I cut out a few months ago. For once I followed the directions on the pattern and was much more pleased than I usually am when I sew and ignore the pattern. So what do you think? The material looks funny in the picture. It is green gingham.

It slips over my head easily so instead of worrying with button holes, I just sewed the top.


Kyla said...

there is no way that I would have the patience to do that!!!! lol.... make me one lol... just kiddin... I know that it takes a while... but you should make them and put them on your business site

Becky said...

that is what mom said...about putting it on our site. she also said that I look like a fat old lady. LOL

Kyla said...

you do not look fat!!! jeez!!! lol or old!!!! but the apron and dress do kind of put me in mind of an old lady :D... sorry had to spread some sisterly love there... didn't think that you were gettin enough!!!!