Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekend Trip

One of my best friends from way back when got married this weekend. It was one of only two weddings I have ever been to that I wasn't IN. Alas, I did not take any pictures at the wedding, but I will borrow some from my SIL when she is done with them to put on here. (She was the wedding photographer).
I do have other pictures from the trip.
We were going to camp out in the Wichita Mountains on Thursday night, but we got stormed on, so we went to my brother Bill's house instead. I am glad we did, because I thought he was going to be at the wedding, and he wasn't, we wouldn't have seen him this trip if we hadn't been stormed on.
Stephen needs to learn the fine art of driving through the refuge. I have NEVER been through it so fast...he went the SPEED LIMIT. Daddy never went so fast, we might have missed seeing some critter. Also, when I pointed out some elk or buffalo or any other critter, he would say "Yep" and keep on driving. Goodness, you always stop and admire the animals. He said "I've seen elk, buffalo, etc.. before" I have too, lots more than he has, because we used to practically live out there, but still, you stop and admire. I don't really mind, I just have to give him a hard time about it.
Friday morning when we left Bill and Glynna's house, we went to our friends' house out by where I grew up. Only Johnny was there, but still it was great to see him. We visited for awhile, and then he treated us to some chinese food in Marlow. We went on up to the wedding later in the afternoon.
We got there early so I could help Seneca. I was going to help take pictures, but I left my camera battery charging at home. So then I was handed a digital camcorder that I didn't know how to use, but thought I could figure it out. So when the wedding started I was up on the stage? altar? I don't know, up at the front hiding behind a bush to record the wedding, but not be in the way.
I started recording when they started leading grandparents in...right before the wedding party. By the third grandparent, the camera said Memory Full. I couldn't figure out what to do from there, so I sat and enjoyed the much as I could while getting looks from people that said "why aren't you recording?".. Sorry Kasie.
We snuck out about 9 so we could get Ty to sleep.
Stephen went ahead and drove all the way to DFW that night, and at about 1 AM we got a hotel room. Ty and I were up at 7 with Tommy soon following, we went wandering around the hotel, letting Stephen sleep in a little.
When Stephen got up we called my friend Kyla and met up with her and her boyfriend Wes, at Cabela's. We spent a good bit of the day there, then went back to their house so Ty could nap...which he FINALLY did..waaay late. When he got up we went to Chris and Seneca's house til Chris went to work, I saw Uncle Ricky for a few minutes when he stopped by to drop something off. We went back to Kyla's and stayed the night, leaving Tommy at Chris' until sometime later this week. We got back home around 11 today, made lunch and waited for family to get home from church.
So anywho that was our weekend. I will post pictures on a separate blog.

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Kyla said...

wow I didn't realize that you had such a long week lol.... miss ya