Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Camping...sort of.

Well we went "camping" this past weekend with my in laws and two other family from the Texas Above Rubies. I say "camping" as opposed to camping, because we weren't really roughing it.
It was extremely fun though. We went on a huge zip line where you get going up to 30 miles per hour. We jumped off an about 15 foot high dock onto the "blob" that threw the person on the end way in the air, then crawled to the end to be thrown.
We played volleyball, tennis, basketball, tether ball, horseshoes, went swimming, played shuffleboard, air hockey, pool, foosball, and other fun stuff. I think the most fun was rappelling 80 ft. down a cliff. I am scared of heights, but love the adrenaline rush of doing things like that.
Nola watched Ty for us while we did many of these things. Anywho, I will put some pictures later.

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