Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Wow, the weather is absolutely delicious today. Cloudy, slight breeze, about 70 degrees. I love the fall.
Anyways, I went out dove hunting today without Stephen, because he and Tommy are at work. It is perfect weather for dove hunting, and he would have been disappointed in me if I had not gone. I left Tyrel with his Granola (Grandmother Nola if I have never explained that before) because I can't carry a toddler, cover his ears and shoot all at once.
I love love LOVE to hunt. That is one of the reasons my husband fell in love with me. I enjoy being outdoors, but you never quite experience the outdoors like when hunting. Just taking it slow, meandering through the fields. Here is West Texas you have to take it slow while dove hunting, so you can watch the sky for dove, and watch the ground for snakes at the same time. Stephen has almost stepped on a rattler while dove hunting before.
I always think of my Daddy while hunting. I can just see him having to work or sit at home not hunting, because he doesn't have anywhere to hunt where my family lives now. I wish he could be out there with me, telling me good job when I get one or something.
Anyways, I missed my first 4 shots today, but got one with my 5th. The dove just aren't flying here much the last few days.
I took him home and cleaned him, and put him in the freezer. Maybe we will have enough for a meal soon. My husband cooks dove wonderfully. I don't know if I can, because he likes doing it so much I have never had a chance to cook any.

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