Monday, September 29, 2008


I have been babysitting today. It was kind of like having twins.
The little girl I was babysitting is about a month older than Tyrel I think. They played together really well, and I got a lot done today. They even fell asleep within 5 minutes of each other for both naps, it was nice.
They really had fun chasing one another around the "island" in the kitchen.
Ty wanted me to pick him up now and then so he would know I still loved him, and wasn't trading him for this cute little girl. It really was very sweet to watch them play.

In other news, I have a skirt that I was going to cut the top off of and put in elastic, so it will fit better, but instead I cut the bottoms off of a pair of overall shorts someone gave me, and will sew the skirt on to it...I hope. I will post pictures when I am done with it.

I have a bunch of pictures to upload, but I don't feel like it right now. I wanna go out on the porch and watch Tyrel play.


Kyla said...

awwwww... I miss my niece lol.... but maybe thats an uh oh... lol maybe they'll fall in love... and you really don't want my sister as his mother-in-law... but anywho you need to post PICTURES!!!! and I miss talkin to you too!!!!

Kyla said...

see we have a system load pictures... and I add comments... and so i have something to do besides read romance novels and play on myspace!!!! and you are supposed to update at least every other day lol... follow by what I say not what I do ;)... jk... and take pictures of my niece for me... I'm gettin home sick again :(

Anonymous said...

maybe you can think of it as training for the twins you were told you were having. =)
Love the pics by the way.
Regina Scott.