Saturday, September 27, 2008

Home Again Home Again, Jiggity Jig

I have been in Arkansas visiting my family for the past week and a half.
It was the first time my mom and dad had got to see Tyrel since he has started walking.
CowGranny got him some cowboy boots that he adores. If I take them off of him, he will stand there trying to force them on his feet by standing on is funny to watch.

I like getting to visit my family, but it is more fun when Stephen comes too, because then I am not homesick at the same time. He did not get to come this time, but at least Tommy was here to help him work.

We didn't "do" a whole lot while I was there, mostly just visited, but that is fun.
We did go to Natural Falls State Park one day.

Well I don't have my camera with me at this moment, so I won't be putting any pictures up right now. I didn't get many anyways.

Wow, this post was rather boring and vague.


Julie said...

Oh well who cares if it was boring at least you and ty are home.

roses said...

Yeah it would have been a more interesting trip, if you had been stranded at DFW and had to bring lil" Ty and spend a week with him's GG Maybe next time!!!!!!!!!!! (((hugs)))