Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A compliment

Today I was at the pens where Stephen keeps his big truck, while he fixed some lights on his trailer. My BIL and niece were there also. My niece had shunned me after Tyrel was born, 4 /5 year old jealousy I suppose. So anyways, this was the first time she had really talked to me since Tyrel was born. She followed me around chatting as I watched Stephen work. We checked on Ty who was sleeping in the pickup "Just in case he's woke up now". I think she is starting to like him too.
Anyways, when she and I were going to start Stephen's big truck for him, she said "Did you know you are really nice?" So I said thank you, I try to be. Then she asked "Do you ever spank Tyrel?" LOL, I guess she thought really nice people might not spank their kids when they need it. I told her yes I do when he needs it.

So anyways, it is nice to know I am nice. That is right up there with some of what I consider the best compliments I have ever received. One other my brother Tommy said that I might be one of only very few people who could smile long enough to have my picture taken a long time know those really old pictures where people always look grumpy because it took hours for the picture to take back then and you had to stay perfectly still. So I took that to mean I am a smiley person, which makes me happy. I like smiley people.

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One of the Cow Crew said...

Gramma Kathie can smile that long, I'd bet.
And I think you should change the Lil Cowpoke picture to the Bronc Rider.