Thursday, March 19, 2009


Well Tyrel isn't quite 20 months yet, but he will be in less than a week. So I guess this can count as his 20 month post.
He really is getting so big. I can't believe what a skinny boy he is compared to the fat little baby he just was not too long ago.

He has started talking some. He is good at trying to repeat words. Today he has been trying to say "apple" which ends up sounding like "at-ee". He will also say "baw" (ball). He has a little book we have been looking at with the letters of the alphabet and a picture with it, which is where he got apple and ball. When he sees the dog or cat in it he just says "woof". He calls Stephen either Da or Papa. I am Mom. Sometimes I can get him to say Mama, but he prefers Mom. He also calls Nola Mom. That is okay with me, but I want him to know who she will really be to him so I will correct him and say either "That is Grandmother" or "Granola". Today when I corrected him he looked at me and said "Gram-mer". So I guess he is getting it.

While we were in Arkansas visiting my family at the beginning of the month he was being silly and trying to lick me. When he kinda got me on the cheek he sat back real proud of himself and plain as anything said "I got a kiss". It was very cute. Also while we were there my mom asked him how many brothers he was going to have, and he said "Seven". So we will find out I guess. He never would say how many sisters, and just to make sure that didn't mean no sisters I asked him if he would have any sister and he nodded yes. It was cute.

I guess the big news right now is that we started potty training today. Some may say it is a little early, but it is going well so far. I just have to untrain him what he has always known, which is going in a diaper. He has peed 2 or 3 times in the potty today and pooped once. TMI for some I know. He had gone in his undies 4 times I think, but like I said, that has always been okay before now.
I would just really like for him to be potty trained before the next baby is born. Or at least well on his way to it. It does encourage me that my MIL had her oldest potty trained by the time Stephen came along, and they are closer in age than Tyrel and this baby will be. By about a month or two I think.
I think the hardest thing for me so far, even more than taking Ty potty every 3 to 12 minutes today is not getting him all the way dressed. I just really don't want to change his pants several times a day while we work on this, so he is only wearing a shirt and undies. I just have always dressed him when we get up in the morning, so it is hard to see him running around half nakey.
Well anyways, here are some pictures of his half nakey self. Oh and one of him gnawing on a rib bone the other day.

Getting on his 4 wheeler

Hey son, thats not the way to get on a chair

MMMM, good eatin'

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Julie said...

awww he can't be that big yet that means in four months he will be 2. I can't believe it he is growing up way to fast